MECANOL participates in Nuclear r & d program: 'Spanish capabilities to deal with a new Nuclear project' (IMPORTANTLY)

The first phase of this project began in the year 2007, and a list of activities to a new generic nuclear project was conducted, He was sent to different companies in the sector so that indicate its capabilities.

They responded to the questionnaire 41 companies from all sectors, concluding that the Spanish industry has capabilities to carry out the 77% a new nuclear project at the present time, with proven experience and that this participation would increase to a 82% After five years of the launch of a new nuclear programme in our country.

The study has given rise to the first publication of the importantly entitled "Spanish skills" to deal with a new nuclear project that is a bilingual document English-Spanish, that was presented at the last annual meeting of the SNE held the 2011 in Burgos and has had a wide diffusion and eco in different environments.

MECANOL appears in the list of companies in the Nuclear Sector as a supplier and manufacturer of mechanical equipment in this document.

link to the document:ñol.pdf

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